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Blonde with Red Lips



Stubborn Hair is the top Salon in your area for Balayage coloring. Our experts have vast experience and are fully trained for customer service and techniques. Utilizing the best hair color products available, you can have better than expected outcomes by getting stunning Balayage color while minimizing damage to your hair with our successful treatment system. 


As Balayage Specialist

All of our stylists will employ numerous techniques, including shadow, highlighting, low lighting, root stretching, hand painting, double tinting, etc. The result of the Balayage color can be absolutely tailor-made to your requirements here at Stubborn hair.  We also have specialists who have global experience and will always integrate themselves for a flawless experience.


Why Balayage?


  • Balayage provides a more realistic look. Without absolutely altering your base color, Balayage brings multi-dimensional color to your hair. Balayage is great for you if you want to show the features on your face without being too dramatic.


  • Balayage allows you to pick your shade and customize it. Depending on what you want, you can go two shades lighter or darker. In order to strengthen the cheekbones, the colorist will even monitor where the color is "swept" and create lighter highlights at the front. This is the most bespoke coloring treatment you can receive!


  • Without awkward roots or tips or demarcation marks, Balayage-treated hair grows out very naturally, so upkeep is much smoother than with ombre or other coloring procedures. Balayage is an ideal choice for this occasion if you choose not to frequent the salon as much.


  • The Californian Balayage

This technique gives the true blonde “sun-kissed” color effect witnessed to date to add a brighter light to hairs and gives a glossy look. Balayage is today's most common request for hair coloring in salons. Modern chic hair, sweeping creates depth and scale and keeps hair healthy. 


  • The Honey Balayage

Design to be honeycombed for the brunettes. A blend of slices and Balayage painted on in various colors to offer a soft beach effect. The re-growth is then manageable, and the result is sexy and stunning.


  • The Ombre Balayage

The Ombre or the grown-up highlights are beachy, sun-kissed hair. The trend towards French hair has deeper, more natural tones in the roots and the ends are progressively torn. This latest trend was big news with lots of celebrities this year. The effect is so realistic; it can be done in any base color. Above all, you don't have to visit the salon every month because the look is strategically "grown out."


Turn You Looks With Balayage 


Getting a pretty color is everyone's fantasy. Our color specialists transform the fantasy of a customer into reality. To achieve the perfect look for our clients, we will do our best.


Want to find out more about how you can transform your mane with balayage? Call us!!

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