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At Stubborn Hair, all of our experts and stylists are insured & accredited to deliver a high-quality grooming experience.


It’s Time for Your New Look!!


Styling has never been exclusive to women. The art of looking good and getting a makeover has its own story for men, and you can't imagine the number of styles and treatments that can be done on men's. Stubborn Hair offers a wide range of men’s haircut services in Miami, Wynwood to help you achieve the look you truly desire. 


Here at Stubborn Hair, we're a lot more than just a simple haircut. Are you having the same style for years and now want to transform your look? Our hairstylists will help you decide which cuts and styles work best for you. Our Designer Haircut is highly recommended for the complete experience. Looking fantastic and feeling your very best is our ultimate objective, and that's precisely what you should expect from Stubborn Hair.


Our Price


Grab your new look with a customized style consultation from one of our experts. We followed up with a designer cut, an energizing shampoo, a soothing rinse, and a styling touch at just $55.


Why Us?


Here at Stubborn Hair, from grooming to beauty sessions, we provide a wide variety of services and treatments that every person needs to get. Our highly trained stylists and consultants leave no stone unturned to give you the best look that would do all the talking and make your style better than the best!


Not just that, our experts will gladly provide you with tips and tricks to retain the long-desired style to make you feel confident.


Our specialists are regularly updated with new trends in the fashion world and also assist you in recommending the best look according to your style. We also ensure that you have a very pleasant visit to the salon as we give you your perfect look. Bring all of your questions about appearance and hair to us and get them answered at Stubborn Hair. We ensure that we use the best product and technologies for your services. You can therefore be confident that world-class service is available to you.



  • Seamless Booking: It's never been easier to schedule an appointment. But at Stubborn Hair, it can be done in a couple of seconds


  • 5 Star Reviews: We said it! With over 200 ratings at five stars, our clients love us.


  • Attention To Detail: With our services, it's better to expect nothing, but the best.


  • Zero Wait Time: Your time is really valuable! Let's get you in and out of here as soon as possible with a haircut experience beyond your expectations. 


We Look forward to Welcoming You!!


When you step into Stubborn Hair, you will be walking out with an elegant haircut. We are proud to educate our customers about their Hair, ensuring that they have the necessary information to replicate their desired look, with a fresh and natural style of the final product that is easy to maintain.


So, don't wait; schedule your appointment today or email us today via our website and witness the glorious way to turn yourself!!!

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