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Are You Looking For A Hair Revamp?

If you desire to have a splash of color that provides an immediate lift to your hair, simply head to our trendy hair salon in Miami, Florida. Stubborn Hair is proud to be home to some of the most talented hair colorists in Florida. 

To suit your unique look and personality, we deliver a fantastic range of unisex color services, from highlights and lowlights to full hair coloring. Our colorist experts also provide one of the leading hair color correction services in the city of Miami.

You will be offered a full professional consultation before our colorists get started on your hair to explore your choices and ensure that you leave our salon with your dream hair color. We will turn your hair, give it dimension, movement, and a glorious healthy glow, whatever color or look you want.

Why Stubborn Hair? We Only Use Quality Products!!

When you choose our hair coloring services, you are awarded the option of luxury hair color products. We believe in using only the right materials for stunning permanent and semi-permanent color outcomes for our male and female consumers.

Our mission is to ensure that you fall in love with your new color, whether you want highlights, a root tint, or a full-color change. All of our stylists and colorists are highly trained, reviewed, and certified to enable us to meet the highest quality and accuracy standards continually.

Our Offerings

There are several multiple kinds of highlights, including low lights, highlights, baby lights, flashlights, and color melting, to create the vision you crave. 

Highlighting: Usually, highlighting is accomplished with the use of a lightener applied within foil packages. The lightener is often added closer to the root and is used rather than the common "ombré" effect to produce an all-over lightening of the hair. Depending on the look you desire to achieve, you can opt to get a total head or partial highlights.

Baby lights: Baby lights are very subtle highlights produced to imitate naturally colored hair from the sun using a refined color technique.

Lowlights: Lowlights are applied in the same method as highlights, but they are used to darken hairpieces to add more dimension to the hair.

Flashlights: Flashlights are smaller pieces of hair that are frequently highlighted to add depth or a pop of color across the face (typically consisting of 5-10 foils). Flash highlights are a perfect alternative to giving balance and dimension to short hair.

Color melting: Color melting is a technique that combines highlights with your hair's base color so that the color blends seamlessly. To provide a seamless transition and give a natural-look, several colors can be used.


Stubborn Beauty Salon in Miami, Florida, makes it simple and easy to book hair coloring appointments. You can contact us at and call us at 305.457.8272 to book our professional hairdressers immediately.

And if you're new to Stubborn Hair, enjoy our pleasant hair salon experience. But to have this awesome opportunity, just an appointment today!!

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